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Vocational Test Book

Vocational, Occupational and Recreational Tests

This Vocational test type book includes the standard near test type text sizes from N.48 down to N.4. The N.5 and N.4 lines are not part of the standard but are included as some professionals find it beneficial to have them. These tests should not be used to test a person’s reading ability or as an English test.

The tests represent a selection of vocational, occupational and recreational pursuits. The tests include text from a telephone book, illustrated engineering catalogue, a hand of playing cards, technical drawings, a street map, part of a choristers music score, a page from a dictionary, a sample of Pitman shorthand, an airline timetable, a shop docket and a computer generated price list.

There is also a specific test to meet the Certification Board qualifications for Inspection Personnel (CBIP) J.1 requirements. Also included is a test to meet the AS2177, Pt. 2, Clause 2.3.1 Standard of 0.50 mm sizing (see image 6).

Standard Type Sizes are:
N.4, N.5, N.6, N.8, N.10, N.12, N.14, N.18, N.24, N.36 and N.48.



Each page is printed on a high-quality non-reflective mat finish card

Book Size:

210 x 150mm


16 (including front & back covers)


Lay-Flat spiral wire

Rounded Page Corners – eliminates “dog ears” of pages.

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