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Lens Cleaner

Your lens cleaning solution is printed utilising our high-quality printing technology to create personalised bottles and wipes that bring your brand life. Our extensive range caters to all sizes. View our range below. 

Personalised Lens Solution

Lens cleaning solutions are available in 18ml, 30ml, 42ml, 60ml and 200ml bottles. A great way to create brand awareness with your customers.

All solutions are alcohol-free, ammonia-free, anti-static and anti-mist. Solution contains EV3+ — a specially developed lens cleaning formulation. Independently tested and certified by COLTS Laboratories, USA.

Personalised Cleaning Kits

Convenient, all-in-one lens cleaning kits personalised with your branding. Choose from four options.

Personalised Lens Cleaning Wipes

Pre-moistened lens cleaning wipes are nonabrasive and ideal for cleaning any lens type or screen surface. Full digital colour print on the box exterior. Choose from alcohol-free or alcohol-based. Available in 30 or 60 packs.

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