About Us

Optica Life Accessories

We’ve been supplying optometry practices, pharmacists, retail stores and industrial businesses with quality lifestyle accessories for over sixty years. We provide really handy, practical items that make the day-to-day lives of your customers just that much easier. We’re here to help you boost your profit margin and we believe supplying genuinely useful accessories is a great way to do so.

We are proud to be registered with and comply to the standards of SEDEX. We work together with this leading global organisation to improve the ethical standards of our world-wide supply chain. This helps us to source fair trade products from manufacturers who comply with human rights.

High on our list of priorities, is being environmentally friendly. We are proud to be certified by COLTS Laboratories for our EV3, alcohol free, natural lens cleaner. We offer many other natural goods including the PARA’KITO™ range of mosquito protection. Being kind to the environment is always at the forefront of our minds when sourcing new products.

Not only do we source, but we also create. We specialise in personalised branded accessories to help you boost brand awareness for your business. These include personalised solution bottles, eyewear cases, microfibre cloths and so much more. We’ve invested in the latest multi-colour, photo quality technology so you can enjoy vibrant, eye-catching accessories with a high-quality finish.

We also offer private labelling, so you can take our popular products and make them your very own. Select from our great range and let us do the hard work for you. We take care of certifications, audits and more, so you can focus on selling your products your way and enjoying the profitability.

Based across New Zealand, Australia and Asia, our entire team of dedicated staff provide great service every step of the way. We welcome you to collaborate with us and utilise our innovative products to achieve your business goals.

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