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Billings Optical PD Rule with User Guide

The Billings Optical Rule is a multi-task optical rule that has been jointly developed by John Billings FBDO, Eyeline Optical N.Z. Ltd and Aviva Mann Optical Group Australia. It allows for the accurate measurement of spectacle frames, PD’s, and other frame and fitting calculations required in today’s modern optical practice, laboratory and workshop environments.

Billings Rule unique features

  • Corners notched for resting on frame rim
  • Designed for both right and left-hand use
  • Protractor for measuring the pantoscopic angle
  • Coloured bridge centration grid for accurate frame alignment
  • Easy measurement for Box DBL sizing
  • Box PDR Rule
  • Quick check left and right BVD rule
  • Easily read figures and markings
  • Top pocket size
  • Sloping edges
  • Includes user guide


Measurements: 150(L) x 40(W) x 4(T) mm


Product Reference: EYBILL