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Childrens Churchward-Snellen Test Wall Chart

Childrens Churchward-Snellen 4 & 6 Metre Distance Test Wall Chart is designed for young children who cannot yet identify all the letters of the alphabet. The key card is placed in front of the patient and is asked to point or touch the figure on the key card that resembles the figure the examiner is pointing to.


Each chart comes with a key card.

Made from semi-rigid, non-reflective, white plastic sheet with non-reflective black letters. Each chart comes with a set-up kit.


This chart is available for tests at 4 and 6 metres distance from the patient.


Chart Size:

4 metres: 340 mm x 137 mm

6 metres: 430 mm x 200 mm

Key card size:

297 mm x 210 mm

Each chart comes with a key card.


Product reference:

EYKINDI4 – 4 metre chart

EYKINDI6 – 6 metre chart