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Churchward-Snellen test, plastic panel for lightbox

Standard Snellen notation for acuity test used by optometrists, ophthalmologists, medical doctors and occupational health personnel for sights tests including aviation, marine, police and defence certification.

The indirect panel is identical to the above 6-metre chart except letters printed in reverse (indirect) for viewing via a mirror. This indirect version is only available in the 6-metre configuration.

Made from 2mm Opal white acrylic plastic sheet.



Black, non-reflective


Contains the single 6/6 line

This chart is available for reading at 4 and 6 metres from the patient


Panel Size:

530mm x 230mm

(All panels are the same size)

Because there are many sizes of illuminated wall mounted cabinets and boxes, the panels are larger so they can be cut to size. This should be done with an electric saw. To avoid edge cracking and chipping, masking tape should be fixed through the cutting line on both sides of the panel.

Alternatively, most plastic sign makers will be able to cut the material cleanly and accurately to size. Ensure the letters are covered with soft paper or plastic to avoid scratching the printed letters.


Product reference:

EYTTL4DX – 4 metre chart

EYTTL6DX – 6 metre chart

EYTTL6DXI – 6 metre Indirect chart

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