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Borish Vectographic Nearpoint Card

The Borish Vectographic Nearpoint Card™ is useful for general vision screening as well as for diagnosing a variety of common eye problems associated with functional near vision.

The Borish Vectographic Nearpoint Card™ can be used to perform the following tests:

  • Binocular cross cylinder
  • Monocular cross cylinder
  • Refractive errors and irregularities
  • General close-range visual acuity
  • Range of accommodation
  • Random dot and real contour stereopsis
  • Horizontal and vertical phoria
  • Horizontal associated phoria
  • Vertical associated phoria
  • Fixation disparity

Includes: Manual and Standard Polarized Viewers

Other Stereo Acuity and Vectographic Tests may be ordered by request. Please enquire.

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