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Blackmores Vision Care + Energy

Blackmores Vision Care + Energy provides a supportive eye and energy formula for everyday digital device use.
With a combination of Lutemax 2020™ (lutein and zeaxanthin),astaxanthin, vitamin C and vitamin B5.
Blackmores Vision Care + Energy supports eye strain associated with screen usage, and supports energy levels, mental focus and concentration.

Key actions
– Supports eye strain associated with
screen usage
– Supports mental function, clarity and
– Supports energy levels
– Supports healthy eyesight and eye
– Supports the body to cope with
environmental stress
– Reduces free radicals formed in the body

Product features
– Specifically formulated as support for
eye strain associated with screen usage
– Provides Lutemax 2020™ lutein and
– Quality ingredients selected for purity
– Free form of lutein
– Easy one-a-day capsule

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