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Hamilton-Veale Tracking Guide

Learning to read:

Learning to read is a very complex task. When the eyes run along a row of words there is a saccade, or a quick eye movement, then a fixation. Some children find this difficult. A number of children are inclined to lose their place when tracking a line or words. This results in a slower learning process.

The Hamilton-Veale Tracking Guide should be placed below the line of words to be read. The guide will help the tracking process and with regular practice, reading skills will improve.


Low Vision:

Low vision can cause small gaps in vision. As a result of micro-scotomas, or small areas of retinal cell loss, letters or words are misread and the eyes can lose their place on the page.

When the Hamilton-Veale Tracking Guide is placed below the line to be read, it will assist the person to locate the next word to be read and will help the eyes fill gaps in vision.

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