The technology of PARA’KITOTM

PARA’KITO product range structured into 2 categories; Diffuz and Derm.

Diffuz – Masking Effect.

The patented DiffuControl-System™ technology, uses vanillin (an aromatic food component) to regulate the volatility of the 6 essential oils impregnated into the PARA’KITO pellets, enabling their sustained release and continuous diffusion 24 hours a day, for 15 days per pellet.

Derm – Topical Application.

Using mineral (clay) and vegetal extracts (cellulose) as binders, with no alcohol or synthetic surfactants, the patented ClayCell-Complex™ technology reduces skin penetration of the repellent, making it gentler on the skin compared with other products on the market.

How does it work?

The pellets diffuse a blend of essential oils extracted from plants, which naturally reduces your appeal to mosquitoes.

To learn more about Para’Kito or to open an account, please contact us by clicking below. Or by calling 1800 199 860, if you are in Australia. 0508 96 33 33 if you’re in New Zealand.

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