Brightwipe lens wipes and anti-fog easily remove fingerprints, dust, oil, spots, grease and dirt.

Get scratch and streak free clean for spectacle lenses, sunglasses, goggles, camera lenses and display screens. Fast drying, easy to use and carry.

A Multi-Purpose lens cleaner like no other. Gentle, fast drying and advanced ingredients come together to finally create a lens cleaning and anti-fog solution worthy of your glasses. Brightwipe is perfect for virtually any surface, such as sunglasses, reading glasses, safety glasses, tablets, smartphones — all without damaging the surface and leaving the surface dry and streak-free.

Wipes are individually wrapped for easy use. Towelette is biodegradable, and can be placed straight in your green waste. 30, 60 & 250 packs means you get more wipes for your buck. And what’s more, it lasts much longer than virtually any other spray and wipes cleaner. Brightwipe cleans any screen you throw at it… it might just turn out to be your new favourite product.