PARA’KITO Mosquito Repellent Spray – Extra Strength Protection (NZ Only)

PARA’KITO Repellent Spray is a natural alternative to chemical-based repellent sprays.

The formula is water-based and contains no DEET, Icaridin, alcohol, surfactant or parabens – making it perfect for the whole family! (This stronger formula suitable for 36 months+)

The non-greasy and pleasantly smelling formula is dermatological tested (not tested on animals!) and can be applied on sensitive skin.

While it is tested primarily for 10 hours of protection against Tiger Mosquitos in a laboratory environment – overwhelming feedback tells us this natural mosquito repellent works for sandflies too!

Includes 6x 75ml bottles. Currently only available to our New Zealand customers.

Spray evenly (1-2 pumps) onto exposed skin from a distance of 15-20 cm and spread around with hands. For the face, spray on hands and then apply on the forehead and cheeks.

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