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Blackmores Lutein Vision Advanced™

Blackmores Lutein Vision Advanced™ combines omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil with the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin to support healthy vision and eye function. Lutein and zeaxanthin support the health of the macula and retina regions of the eye. Fish oil also supports retinal health, and selenium is included to provide additional help reducing free radical damage to the cells of the body.

Key actions
– Support eye health and healthy vision
– Support eye retina and macula health
– Support healthy eye function
– Decrease free radical formation in
the body and free radical damage to
body cells

Product features
– Combines antioxidants with omega-3s
from fish oil
– Contains concentrated omega-3s
equivalent to 850 mg per capsule
– Includes lutein sourced from marigold
flower extract

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