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20 Sep

The Avatude Journey

Avatude has landed! We are excited to bring to you our very own brand of blue light filtering eyewear! As the amount of hours we spend in front of digital screens increases, so do the effects of blue light over-exposure. Keeping up with technology and its place in our daily lives has had us feeling the effects, but unable to pin-point the root cause, until now. Understanding the potential risks, many researchers have been prompted to study, investigate and reveal the effects of prolonged use of digital screens and time spent in artificially lit environments. Realising the cause of such common symptoms has been astounding!

As the links between blue light exposure and health concerns began stacking up [1-12], we realised this was a real and growing issue that we were in the right position to do something about. Sourcing and reading research about blue light and its effects become a hobby (perhaps even an obsession) for our Innovations Manager, Brent Rundle. Every new discovery made and then found by Brent in his learning had him acting like a kid at Christmas. Down the stairs he would run to share his findings with the rest of us. The sound of his footsteps on the stairwell now resonates in our minds as good news about blue light, about to walk through the door. With every find we’ve become more convinced we could provide a solution. So… we sent Brent packing. Away he went around the world, meeting with all the right people to help advise us on our journey to create Avatude.

Throughout the process, here in the office we have tried and tested a wide variety of frames and lenses on the path to designing the perfect pair! We had to be stringent and brutally honest, and point out every flaw in the shape, size and comfort of every frame. After many reviews and finally testing for quality and durability… there was a thudding of footsteps back down the stairwell. With a knowing grin, Brent appeared in our downstairs office – with a display case full of Avatude eyewear.

Now, for us, there is no looking back. We are all really proud, not just of Avatude as a finished product, but of the journey it has taken us on to get here. Most of all, we are proud to provide a solution that can make such a noticeable difference – bringing eye comfort, better sleep and in turn, better health to the lives of many.

To find out more check out the AVATUDE Brochure 2018.















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