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3 Sep

BLISMA: Blitzing Aches and Pains

If we ever make a passing comment that could pass as a complaint, we can almost guarantee that our Innovations Manager, being the problems solver that he is, will want to find a solution for us. You can imagine how busy his mind must be in winter time, when a lot of our lunch time conversation includes passing comments about one ailment or another.

True to form, it must have gotten the better of him, because he has recently arrived in the office, with that knowing grin on his face and presented us with BLISMA. This is a new range of health and wellbeing products, that quite impressively provides a solution to each of our problems. He has found a way to alleviate our:

·         Headaches and migraines ·         Back pain
·         Toothache ·         Menstrual pain
·         Joint stiffness ·         Sprains
·         Muscular aches ·         Rheumatism
·         Insect bites ·         Bruising


He hopes we will have more interesting lunchtime conversation minus complaints of aches and pains after the effort he has put in to finding BLISMA, a range that includes Hot + Cold Packs, Instant Ice Packs and Antibacterial Wipes. We need not complain about the spread of germs in the office either, as we should be using our wipes to prevent this!

We’re really impressed with the effectiveness of each of these products, not to mention our Innovation Managers efforts in bringing it to us.

As proud as he was to bring BLISMA to us, we are equally as proud to bring it to you! Start blitzing your customers ailments with BLISMA and we will apply a 10% discount to your first order- click here to get started.


*Discount will not show at time of ordering, this is applied after order is placed.

**Blisma is currently available to our New Zealand customers only.

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