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15 Aug

A Great Pharmacy Customer Experience

Whether they’re after a prescription, over the counter product or helpful advice, your customers look to you to meet their health care needs. Sometimes those needs can be personal or sensitive in nature and the experience they have in your store can be the difference between creating a long term, loyal customer or losing one. Here are some tips on how to create a great pharmacy customer experience.

First impressions

Often the customers entering your door may be unwell or under the weather. Some may have symptoms they are too shy to discuss. A warm and friendly welcome followed by an open offer to help is a great start. Ensure your offers are not intrusive or pushy. Let customers know where they can find what they are looking for and that you won’t be far away should they need assistance.

Provide helpful information

There are a variety of ways you can offer your customers helpful information on common health woes. Stands featuring information sheets or brochures and in-store televisions with rolling informative content are a great way to provide this. Nowadays, offering useful information doesn’t have to stop in store. It can also be shared via your website, blog or social media. Intercept their need for ‘Dr Google’ and be their go-to-guru for health advice.

Be product ready

Ensure you have stocked for the season and have ample amounts of products suited to the common ailments for that time of year. The lead in to a new season is a great time to run special deals so people can stock up on seasonal requirements early.

Inviting and functional

Create an inviting and functional environment. Make sure your promotional displays, information sheet stands, and any other storage external to your shelving is strategically placed. Ensure they are visible but leave enough clear floorspace for people to get around easily. Place stands in a way to make sense to your customers – ask yourself where you would look for this particular product.

Future proof

Look to new and emerging technology that could greatly benefit your customers and your business. These could include queue management systems for dispensing prescriptions or creating an online presence for your business marketing, or perhaps updated computer systems to improve the speed of service at your counter. Think ahead, budget and plan for implementing new ways to provide the best customer experience, keeping you a step ahead of your competitors.

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