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4 Oct

An Improved Experience for Harrington Eyecare

We’ve recently received some great feedback from Linda Perry at Harrington Eyecare in Nelson. Long-time customers of Optica, we were pleased to hear how they had been enjoying our transition to digital. Such feedback guides us as we refine our services to better meet the needs of our customers.

Linda wrote to us regarding their improved experience with online ordering, so we decided to touch base with the team and find out a little more. Many of their staff place orders with us, so it has been great to understand their experience. They found our original online ordering system slow and had experienced timing out issues. This would prove trying when called away to assist a customer or perform another important task,  so they reverted to phoning us with their orders until we were able to resolve these issues. With online being their preferred method, they are now using our new and improved online ordering. They say it is “faster and easier” and have not experienced any further timing out issues. Richard Newson, Optometrist and Owner of Harrington Eyecare, shared with us that

“Ordering online means we can do it at any time of the day, late nights or Saturday mornings, when it is normally outside Optica hours”

While it is important for us to understand how our clients are finding these transitions, we delved a little further to find other ways we could improve our service. When asked how they first heard about us Richard stated that “Optica as a company is a bit of an icon in the New Zealand optical industry and has always maintained a strong reputation for many years”. He continued that they choose to be supplied by us because our “product is of good quality” and also said “we don’t seem to have many problems with any of it”. Harrington Eyecare order a good variety of our items including cases, cords, lens cleaning solution and lens cleaning wipes. They say their best over-the-counter sellers are eyewear cords and lens cleaning wipes. They also provide their customers with a cleaning solution and an eyewear case if needed for their new glasses.

We’re really excited to learn that not only do the team at Harrington Eyecare find our customer service “great” and our products profitable, but also that they are transitioning well to our new online ordering and communications. We can’t thank them enough for their realistic report on their experience, which helps us to do better for all our customers.

We are currently in the process of designing and building our new Optica website, so watch our digital space for further great improvements! If you would like to share your Optica customer experience with us or any other valuable feedback, please contact us here.

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